Watch the Race!

On this page, you will be able to watch how cells sent to us by each team did during the race.


The race is almost upon us! We have slightly updated the race structure to add a qualifying round between June and July and finals at the end of July.

Race Organization and Potential for Advancing Science

We have many new and exciting updates! The new Dicty Race will use microscopes that stream images to the cloud, and cloud-based computing to allow competitors to get real time analysis. We have put together a schedule to allow for testing new cells, qualifying games and a final competition for dicty, HL60s, mouse neutrophils, and human cells. 

What is the Dicty World Race?

The Dicty World Race is a competition between Dicty and HL60 cells navigating fast and accurately through complex mazes. Dicty and HL60 cells are models for studying human neutrophils, the white blood cells protecting us from infections. Cells from different labs will compete inside identical mazes. They are guided from start to finish by chemoattractant concentration gradients, from sources at the end of the mazes.